BTU Protocol

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BTU Protocol powers the web3 future

BTU powers web3 apps

  • Valuable

    Your BTU are precious. They can be exchanged for fiat (US Dollar, Euros…) or crypto (Ether, Bitcoin...).

  • Legally compliant

    Your BTU are compliant crypto-assets. They have been issued by 808 Labs SAS, a legal entity duly incorporated in Paris, France.

  • Global

    Your BTU know no borders. They are always with you at home or abroad. BTU is available globally.

  • Scarce

    Your BTU are rare. There were only 100 million BTU created. No new BTU can ever be created or issued.

BTU inherits crypto powers

  • Unseizable

    Your BTU are yours. They cannot be seized remotely by a third party. While you keep the keys to your wallet, you are effectively acting as your own bank.

  • Freely transferable

    Your BTU are yours. You can decide when and to whom BTU are sent. Share your BTU peer to peer or pay for services at BTU processor equipped merchants.

  • Never expire

    Your BTU are forever. Unlike typical rewards or loyalty points, your BTU never expire. From each distribution, your ownership is recorded on the blockchain.

  • Always on

    Your BTU are always accessible. There are no week-ends, no bank holidays, no maintenance and no downtime. Availability has been 100% since 2018.

BTU builds on Ethereum software

  • Privacy

    Your BTU are private. They are linked to your public address. Your identity is only known and can only be revealed by yourself.

  • Unforgeable

    Your BTU are genuine. They cannot be replaced by fake ones. Each BTU has a unique history stored in the blockchain.

  • Standard

    Your BTU are ERC-20 compliant tokens. They can be custodied on Ledger devices or with insured suppliers such as Bitgo.

  • Interoperable

    Your BTU are programmable. They are working together with other money legos to power innovative web3 applications.

BTU runs on Polygon network

  • Secure

    Your BTU are secured by a network of 100 validators itself replicated by 5000+ computers.

  • Scalable

    Your BTU applications can scale to thousands of transactions per second on the polygon network.

  • Instant

    Your BTU transfers are always processed in less than 4 seconds on the polygon network.

  • Energy efficient

    Your BTU is stored by default on the proof of stake low emission polygon blockchain network.

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