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Open protocol for decentralized reservation

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Enpowering decentralized bookings

A public inventory and an open protocol lowers operational costs while allowing a fair competition between a higher number of market participants.

A scalable protocol

All platforms implementing the BTU protocol would benefit from a hybrid approach combining an on-chain smart contract and off-chain software components, providing more scalability.

Fully standardized

The Booking Token Unit (BTU) protocol involves an ERC-20 token (BTU token) working conjunction with our ERC-808 standard booking smart contract.


Booking Token Unit (BTU) Protocol is an open decentralized ERC-808 smart contract-based booking protocol which facilitates the reservation process between resource providers, bookers, and booking applications.

It incentivizes a new wave of developers to deliver innovative and open services, leading to better-functioning markets.


Vidal Chriqui
ERC-808 Inventor & Managing Director

Vidal Chriqui graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris. He specialized in big data and distributed systems which led him to very early work on Bitcoin and later on Ethereum, showing a strong expertise in micropayment channels. Fascinated by the Bitcoin protocol he envisioned as a masterpiece of computer architecture, mixing technical and economic considerations, he launched "Blockchain Révolution". That is the first free french speaking video series about bitcoin and blockchain, offering hours of exclusive lessons and interviews. Vidal is a regular speaker at blockchain conferences and a lecturer at french Grandes Ecoles. Vidal has also been working as a technical advisor to successful token sales (> 50M€), contributing to smart contracts writing or review, whitepaper writing and tokenomics design.

Hervé Hababou

Hervé Hababou graduated from ENS IIE and London Business School. He started his career designing software and delivering multi-million euros software consulting projects in the US and the UK. As an entrepreneur, he founded the leading SAP software partner sales company and brokered software deals with the largest french companies including L’Oreal, Air France, Danone, EDF, Engie, LVMH, Bouygues, Renault, ST Microelectronics, Saint-Gobain, Schneider Electric, Solvay, Sanofi and Veolia. As a seed Investor he financed and advised startups - working on open source, cyber-security, artificial intelligence, crypto-mining and blockchain software - which have later raised more than 200 M€ combined. Since investing in bitcoin and ethers, Hervé has been passionate about the actual impact of the token economy on many industries and business models.


David Teruzzi
Senior Blockchain Architect & Technical Advisor

David is working with us on the technical architecture. He is an expert in applied mathematics and machine learning. He has been working in the blockchain sector for three years as a developer (Carrefour, Deepblock...) and a technical advisor. He is also the founder of Blockchain Conseil and the owner of the blockchain cafe blog.

Léonard Henriquez
Chief Operating Officer

Léonard is currently leading our operations. He worked previously in Audit at EY. He is also involved in cryptocurrency clubs. Thanks to his business background and its knowledge of the blockchain industry, he coordinates the efforts of the team. Léonard studied at the EDHEC Business School.

Victor Dumas
Back-end Developer

Victor is a software developer, he specializes in application development and software architecture. He has years of experience in C++, C#, ZMQ, Node.js and Solidity. He is currently working on the BTU protocol (ERC-808) implementation.

Aurélien Castellarnau
Front-end Developer

Aurélien is a software developer, he focused his learning and projects on javascript technologies (AngularJS, AngularIo, ReactJs) and in languages or frameworks related to the blockchain (Solidity, Truffle). He developed a React-based MVP and participated to the BTU protocol (ERC-808) implementation.

Julie Naudin
Partnership manager Korea

Julie was an innovation director for a big services corporation. She is a crypto enthusiast and now the CEO of Cryptorush, a french company specialized in ICO advising (corporate strategy, marketing and communication). Among other thing she helped for the creation and the optimization of two mining farms; She accompanied Daneel.io during its ICO on international partnership management and continues to advise them.


Kary Bheemaiah
Blockchain Ambassador

Kary is an Associate Research Scientist with Cambridge University, a Senior Fellow at Ecole des Ponts and a visiting lecturer at GEM, ESCP and Moody's. He presented his thoughts on capitalism, blockchain technology and economics at TEDx events. He wrote "The Blockchain Alternative: Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Theory" and his articles can be found on WIRED, Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, Les Echos, The Conversation, Lets Talk Payments, Huffington Post, and La Presse+.

Franck Delorme
Software Industry Ambassador

Franck was a General Partner VC in charge of IT investments at Sofinnova Partners. He then was founder & CEO of Sparus Software startup which merged with Zenprise and was acquired by Citrix. He is now President at Seed4Soft (early stage financing for innovative B2B software startups), Venture Partner at Cap Horn VC, and Board Member at Tech In France (French National Software Association). Franck graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris.

Pascal Bordat
Travel Industry Ambassador

Pascal (MS Standford, Ingénieur Ecole Centrale de Paris) spent 10 years at Amadeus where he created and led their Internet business. He was then COO of Travelprice (European OTA), CEO of ZUJI (AsiaPac OTA) and Founder of Sprice (Travel Metasearch). Pascal is now Managing Partner at Optivalue, helping innovative startups accelerate, raise funds and conclude strategic partnerships.

Jean-David Benichou

Jean-David Benichou has been an Entrepreneur since the age of 22. Curious, enthusiast and optimistic he founded, co-founded or invested in over 50 companies worldwide. Jean-David has multiple passions for platforms, iOTs, AI and Crypto. He is now the president of the Crypto Currency Club.

Simon Eischen
Finance Ambassador

Simon is Managing Partner at Scalene Partners, an independent fundraising boutique. All founders have previously worked at Rothschild & Cie in the Global Financial Advisory team, specializing in large capitalization M&A. They were involved in more than 20 transactions valued at 30 billion euros. Scalene Partners has extended its scope of intervention to ICO operations, bringing all the rigor and gravity of classic fundraising methods to an unregulated environment.

Gatien Cantais
Token Investor Ambassador

Gatien has been an early tokens investor and currently holds an Investment Manager position at Signal Ventures, an investment firm based in Singapore and focused exclusively on tokens and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency and crypto assets. In 2017, he co founded Ticoon, a French agency specialized in helping blockchain projects by providing them strategic, marketing and community management solutions.

Sébastien Bergès
Cryptocurrency Ambassador

Sébastien is an early Ethereum adopter and a successful blockchain investor. In 2017, he co founded Ticoon, a French agency specialized in helping blockchain projects by providing them strategic, marketing and community management solutions. Within Ticoon, he shares his financial modeling vision acquired through his investor experience.

Dr Gary Mamou
Healthcare Industry Ambassador

Gary graduated from Paris Medical School and he became a successful Healthcare Entrepreneur. In 2015, he quickly understood how cryptocurrencies and tokens will change the world. He co-founded GGM blockchain consulting services, he reviewed a large number of Token Sales and he is now researcher at Tokenpot Capital DLT VC.


Antoine Gabizon
Partner - Fieldfisher France

Antoine specializes in tax for companies on both domestic and international level for clients such as French and foreign investment funds, French and foreign companies and individuals. He is also actively involved in developing a tax framework adapted to the Blockchain environment.

Arnaud Grünthaler
Partner - Fieldfisher France

Arnaud specializes in banking and financial regulation for French and foreign players and is actively involved in the development of a legal and regulatory framework adapted to the development of Blockchain in France.



  • BTU Protocol presentation at DEVCON3 Unicorn P&P in Cancun

    November 2017

  • EIP ERC-808 submission of the BTU Protocol

    January 2018

  • Hackathon at the ETNA school

    February 2018

  • BTU Protocol presented at the Ethereum Community Conference

    March 2018

  • Releasing the BTU Protocol MVP

    March 2018

  • BTU Protocol Token sale

    April 2018

  • “Earth” release

    May 2018

    Protocol fully onchain, RES smart contract, Demo dApp

  • "Mars" release

    Q3 2018

    Support to first platform based on BTU protocol, Booking infrastructure, Javascript SDK, Template dApp customizable to any industry

  • "Jupiter" release

    Q1 2019

    Support to more partners leveraging our booking infrastructure, SDK in Javascript, Java, Python, Go, Plugin for Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS

  • "Saturn" release

    Q2 2019

    Integration of reputation system, Enhanced privacy features

  • “Uranus” release

    Q4 2019

    Implementation of a Cosmos Zone